Who We Are

Auntie’s House of Refuge is a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening the community through long-term transitional housing for youth.

What We Do

We support youth as they transition into adulthood by providing long-term stable housing and the necessary life skills needed in becoming an asset within the community. We serve homeless, runaways, and at-promise youth in the Twin Cities metropolitan area by providing a continuum of care including basic needs, education, employment, and housing stability. Additional services include, but are not limited to, independent living skills, financial literacy, and physical & emotional well-being.  


How We Do It

Auntie’s House of Refuge has an environment that encourages personal transformation, mutual respect, while honoring responsibility to community living. To maintain this sense of community, we uphold our core principles and embody an understanding that everyone has their own individual journey and each person’s story is unique and meaningful.

Core Principles


We are committed to doing what is morally right, fair, honest, and in the best interest of the youth always. Even when no one is looking.


We are a safe place committed to respectfully listening and engaging in open and honest dialogue without judgement.


We proudly accept the responsibility to serve and be consistent in best practices, loyal in our values, and honor commitments.


We aspire for all to live and work in harmony with each other by respecting everyone’s right to be their authentic self. We treat everyone with respect regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. The dignity of each one will be honored.


Our team is devoted to teaching others how to trust in their own ability to make sound decisions for their lives. We are dedicated to helping restore the self-esteem and confidence of all youth while operating the program from a place of honor and professionalism.


We are committed to vigorous pursuits of excellence with all endeavors. To progress forward with excellence, we provide the necessary resources and tools.